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Our company in conventional fossil energy

As providers of specialized equipment and technology for the petrochemical exploration industry, we have supplied renowned Canadian and British oil field extraction contractors at different Saharan sites in Algeria.

For the needs of our international clients and for its strategic location in view of fresh opportunities in various North African Countries we have founded this division of our Malta based company.

With our management’s years of field experience in Libya and Algeria, Multilanguage directors including Arabic spoken, we are able to provide excellent services including:

• Engineering services
• Assembly and fitting of drilling rigs,
• Borehole cleaning and casing,
• Drilling head maintenance
• Fluids storage
• Pipelines constructions

We are collaborating with a network of highly specialized professionals and established international companies, to achieve the objective of our clients satisfaction and trouble free extraction operations.

Our company in renewable energy

The core business of the company is acquisitions of renewable energy generating facilities. Our main focus lies on acquiring high yield operational wind farms, hydropower stations and photovoltaic installations. We are operating assets in selected worldwide target markets with emphasis on long-life power purchase agreements guaranteeing a remuneration in US$ and EURO.

Backed by a team of highly experienced professional consultants from various technology sectors we also commit our investments into complete planned and fully licensed projects in their final development stages.

In collaboration with global equity investment funds we have access to sufficient project finance, which provides us fast track assessment of viable investment opportunities.

Our current project involvements are a 18 MW river hydropower plant in Ecuador, a 124 MW river hydropower plant in Guatemala and 2 wind farms with 213 MW in Pennsylvania, US.

We are constantly seeking new investment opportunities and welcome any offers which are meeting our standards and are able to pass the industries due diligence procedures.

Please contact us

Palladin Power Assets Ltd.
The Rocklands, 2/10, Windsor Terrace
Sliema SLM1859
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